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Complete seo package v4.1.8 ocmod the best seo extension for opencart

Complete seo package v4.1.8 ocmod the best seo extension for opencart

This version v4.1.8 for all opencart versions.

— Fix search url for OC 1.5 to 2.0

— Redirect dynamic links also redirects links with _route_
— Fix notice with journal theme for OC 3
— Do not put canonical link on paginated pages > 1
— Fix issue to get data in seo editor with MariaDB

— Fix error message when not using multistore mode on OC 2
— Fix sitemap style not displayed with some themes
— Duplicating product with auto-update image name is now updating all products that have this image
— Option to enable or disable tag formatting
— Image rename in mass update do not fails if inexistant image path

— Fix sitemap style on OC 3
— Fix friendly url issues in case of urls with slash on OC 3
— Generate tags is now adding comma and lowercase
— Cart remove fix option is now working on other themes

— Fix extra seo fields not displayed on OC 2.0.x
— The remove words from url works better
— Remove ! from urls by default
— Strip line returns when generating seo urls
— Randomization tag now works also when generating all fields at once

— Add option to copy seo data from default store
— Fix error on mass update when not using multistore mode
— Fix issues on OC 1.5

— New option to be able to handle search url
— New option to be able to fix cart remove issue when url exists for checkout/cart
— New option to insert final slash on all urls
— Compatibility for bossthemes
— Fix add button in 404 urls broken in case of url with special chars
— Fix remove chars function not working with some special chars
— Fix canonical with absolute urls
— Fix error when searching in seo editor > common page
— Various minor fixes
Note: if you had final slash on categories please set again the setting after this update

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