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Google Analytics Expert — Advanced E-commerce Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics Expert — Advanced E-commerce Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics Expert — Advanced E-commerce Analytics Tracking with Goal & Funnel Reporting.

This extension provides the link between your Opencart stores and your Google accounts. It communicates with Google to provide data from your stores for viewing within the Google Analytics & Google Adwords UI.

Also Features Event Tracking, Search Tracking, support for Google Adwords, Multi-Store compatibility & EU Cookie Law compliance.

✯ Track successful Transactions and E-commerce data.
✯ Full E-commerce & Order tracking — see full product information from your site in Google Analytics
✯ Full Multistore support with separate GA tracking code for each website with full stats and data for each store
✯ Full Product & Product Options Tracking & Reporting including Product Category, Shipping Costs & Taxes
✯ Data for Model/SKU, Product Name, Quantity, Product Price, Category & everything you would want!
✯ Create a ‘Purchase’ Goal for Full Conversion reporting
✯ Funnel Visualisation so you can see exactly which stage of the checkout the users leave the checkout process
✯ Track Abandoned Funnels and see statistics for each hour, day, week or month.
✯ Track your OWN Site search results in Google Analytics
✯ See what searches came from which pages and sales info for each
✯ Track Google AdWords conversions & see the Conversion Value in AdWords for each order
✯ See what profit you’ve made from Google Adwords! Not just sales stats
✯ Event Tracking for clicks of the add to cart, add to compare & add to wishlist buttons/links on all pages^>
✯ EU Cookie Law compliance built in to meet the latest EU legislation. (optional)
✯ Google Adwords Remarketing/Demographics one click integration
✯ Exclude data sent to GA when you are logged in as admin

Additional Info:
✔ OCMOD coded, no core files changed
✔ Easy to follow, clear & detailed instructions included
✔ Compatible with ANY custom theme coded to opencart standards
✔ Compatible with ANY checkout extension*>
✔ Compatible with Journal2 One Page Checkout>

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  1. id anyone got enhanced ecommerce tracking working with this plugin? I tried it on a new website but the enhanced ecommerce never worked. The regular ecommerce was working but enhanced version was not working. Not sure if it’s because of the plugin or the site. The theme has no customization.

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